We want to inform our community that last night, Thursday, June 5, a fire started in the Temple, probably from the eavestrough renovation – a spark getting in the insulation between the impermeable outer roof and stucco ceiling. This morning the walls of the Temple are still standing and a shell of most of the roof remains.

The fire was contained to the Temple and no one was hurt or injured. The fire fighting extended 12 hours and a small fire team is still on hand this morning to be sure it is completely extinguished.

Because the fire was trapped in the void between fireproof layers in the roof, it was hard to put out. The Ashram’s emergency response team took immediate action until the Riondel Fire Department arrived. A second team arrived from Balfour and Harrop (across the lake) with their fire trucks. Karma Yogis provided selfless service – from helping with the hoses and communication to keeping the fire fighters fed, to chanting for the protection of all.

The entire Ashram community met this morning. We are sad for the loss of the Temple as we knew it, but so grateful for all the help and containment of the fire. Thank you for keeping us in the Light. We will keep you updated.

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