WILLPOWER presents the ‘Gratitude Festival.’

A single day of music and festivities ‘for the local community, by the local community.’

We (Will Morris & Will Chapman – aka WILLPOWER) came up with an idea to produce an event here in our own backyards for people to gather, dance, and experience a variety of things offered by their neighbours.

After 2 years of division, isolation, and uncertainty, we felt it was important for us to reconnect as a community, and celebrate all the things we have in our lives to be grateful for.

Originally we planned to host our event in Crawford Bay Park, however, after three weeks of emails and a formal application, the parks board was unwilling to rent it to us. We have found another home at the Sunny Woods Garden Centre (Green Bubble Gardens) 15964 HWY 3a, Crawford Bay, BC V0B 1E0.

We’ll be having an assortment of local musicians playing all day long – both acoustic & electric, covering many genres. There are already people interested in presenting breath-work, yoga, Qi Gong, and other assorted workshops, etc. throughout the day.

WILLPOWER has partnered with the South Kootenay Lake ArtConnect, (who operate and host events at the Harrison Memorial Church) in order to broaden the scope of our event. With their assistance, we’ve received some much-appreciated financial support from the RDCK (to cover hard costs), and have also applied to the Columbia Basin Trust. None of the performers are being paid for their talent, and because of all these factors, the event is FREE to attend.

Would you like to get involved?
As long as your intention is to offer something without expectation, compensation or a desire for profit, we are open to hearing what you feel you’d like to contribute to enrich our event.
NOTE: This is not an opportunity for involving people who wish to engage in commerce or ‘business’.

If you live right here on the Eased Shore (between Boswell to Riondel) and feel you have something to offer, we’re all ears.

Just email us: thegratitudefestival@gmail.com

The date is Saturday, July 23! We hope you’ll come out and celebrate with us, at the Gratitude Festival.

We thank RDCK and Columbia Power for their generous financial assistance.

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  1. WILLPOWER is really looking forward to seeing what types of things people in the community come up with to enhance our event……welcoming all your ideas…(thegratitudefestival@gmail.com)………This can become OUR festival – get involved and help make it the type of event you’re interested in attending!

    With respect
    Will Chapman

  2. Thank you so much WILLPOWER (Will Chapman and Will Morris and others who inspired or assisted you both). I love the name of this festival and all that it encompasses. I would normally volunteer my services (yoga and meditation), but our weekends especially Saturdays are dedicated to our grandkids. We will however try and make it there as a family. A big Thank you to the Green Bubble Gardens for offering their land for this beautifully intended event. Our community needs this more than ever. Thank you for manifesting a heart inspired event. Hope to see you there!

    1. Maggie – thanks so much for your wonderful message.
      It makes all this work and organizational effort worthwhile, to know that people genuinely appreciate it.
      So great that you also recognized Green Bubble Gardens. They stepped up when the parks board said no, and have refused to accept any payment. Obviously, they fully understand what we’re trying to achieve.
      We already have people offering to host Yoga, etc. so I’m hoping that, if you make it out, hopefully you’ll feel like you totally belong!

      I hope we have an opportunity to meet up in person sometime.
      Will Chapman

    1. The event is expect to begin about noon, with things like breath work, and a sound bath/gong bath, then the music will likely start about 1:30, and continue all day until about 10:30 pm

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