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Tipi Camp

From Sandra Bernier:

Hello friends of Tipi Camp!

First of all, thank you for your support! Tipi Camp is a community project, and it’s only thanks to your dedication and love of the camp that we’ve now been in operation for over 25 years!

To enable us to expand our programming, upgrade our tired and much-loved equipment, and provide further training to our staff, we’ve entered into BC Hydro’s Community Champions contest and we are now in the Semi-Finals to win $10,000!

To be more exact: we are currently second in the voting contest. That means that we really can win this!  Please vote with us once a day, until November 30th. Lets be winners! Here is the link where you can vote: https://champions.bchydro.com/entries/view/guding-hands

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The Tipi Family


The Guiding Hands Recreation Society is a non-profit organization that operates the “Tipi Camp”, a wilderness retreat center on the East Shore of Kootenay Lake. Tipi Camp has been running Wilderness Immersion for Self Esteem (WISE) programs since 1988, and is dedicated to promoting environmental stewardship and sustainability within the West Kootenays. A boat and hiking access only site, Tipi Camp teaches sustainability through practice as participants sleep in tipis, eat communal vegetarian meals, use composting toilets powered by solar panels, and engage in nightly discussions lead by ecologists and First Nation’s elders on local flora, fauna, and natural history.

Visit website: http://www.tipicamp.bc.ca/


Project overview:
The society will utilize the conservation award to develop Tipi Camp’s WISE programs, which provide weeklong wilderness immersion experiences for children aged 9-12 and teens aged 13-16. The award will enable further leadership training for our teen councilors, who gain valuable work experience assisting the WISE Kids programs. Furthermore, it will support Tipi Camp’s “no-barrier” policy, allowing low-income families to send their children to WISE camps through our bursary program. Lastly, the award will improve Tipi Camp’s energy efficiency by contributing towards the purchase of new solar panels to power the electric fridges and LED camp lights.

Community and environmental benefits:
The Guiding Hands Recreation Society provides environmental education to the next generation. It teaches sustainability through living sustainably at our remote wilderness site, and educates youth about environmental issues and how to take individual responsibility for conservation. The Tipi camp fosters community; it has been in operation for the past 27 years due to a dedicated body of local volunteers. It provides employment to a rural community, and cultivates a connection between youth and their local ecosystem.

When the project will start:
Tipi Camp’s season of operation runs annually from mid-June to the end of August, although the society is active year round.


“We are doing a project in which students learn about, investigate, and develop solutions for water-related issues. Tipi camp is hands-on in the outdoors and connects learning to deepening our care for the planet and to building character.”

Crawford Bay Elementary-Secondary School, Grade 8


Learn about the Community Champion finalists and tell us which video inspires you to take action and start a sustainability project in your school.

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