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On Christmas Eve, a dear and cherished community member lost his home to a fire. Mauz (Uwe Kroker) of Crawford Bay came home from a dinner with friends to find his exquisitely crafted single dwelling residence aflame. Despite efforts, there was no controlling the blaze and he lost everything. Fortunately, he managed to rescue his cats and then the surrounding buildings (barns, storage, sheds and animal habitats) with the help of friends. No lives were lost, but a lifetime of building a space in the place Mauz knows as his truest home was gone in an instant. There is no replacing what he lost, but there is hope to help him rebuild something so he can continue farming and living in this area. His beloved donkeys and cats are alive and cared for and Mauz has a place to live for the next while due to the generosity of Paul Hindson of Crawford Bay, but there is immense work ahead and we need to come together as a community to support him. He would do it for each one of us and he wouldn’t stop until we were okay again. He is a pillar and one of the kindest hearted humans many of us have ever had the opportunity to meet.

Mauz at Silverwood Theme Park for East Shore Youth Network excursion (Steve Sayer and Danielle Rogers also pictured)

Mauz is notably defined as the following: an astoundingly generous community member, a provider, a farmer, a genuine friend, an active and motivated part of our community. He has served in so many capacities and given so much to this region, he is seconded by few in his enormous heart and sense of giving.

-He has given over hundreds of hours and substantial funds to create a common asset in the Crawford Creek Regional Park hayfield, preparing, turning, harvesting and selling (affordably) locally sourced animal feed. He did this not to make money, but to create a local source of sustainable resources for the region.

-He served for many years as the Chair of the East Shore Youth Network, donating immeasurable hours to ensuring a smooth program for youth in the area to expand their experiences and education.

-He is always one of the first to respond to others when a person or family is in need in the area, donating time, money and love to support his community. He jumps in to work parties and volunteer opportunities with his profound skill and expert craftsmanship.

-He cooks and entertains for his friends with a gusto and joy that brings deep satisfaction in the experience, along with a million ridiculous belly laughs.

-He has been an integral member of Hexagon Players in past performances, bringing a light energy and warm holistic approach to his acting and camaraderie.

The list of his kindnesses goes on, so please just take it for granted that he deserves and needs our support right now. He would never ask himself, so we won’t wait until he does…

Here’s how you can help…

1) Donate here through GoFundMe to support Mauz’s rebuild efforts (most of the funds raised will likely go towards building expenses in the spring).

2) Donate at the Gray Creek Store to his account. He will have ongoing and immediate needs that can be served by doing this.

3) Contact one of us (Christina – [phone redacted]) (Ingrid – [phone redacted]) (Michelle/Will [phone redacted]) to find out immediate needs/donations.

We ask that you do not drop off donations without first knowing the need. Mautz lives a minimalist lifestyle and doesn’t have storage space so all donations of anything other than money should first be cleared by the those listed above. A comprehensive list is in development and will be supplied shortly.

Thank you so much for giving from your hearts. We live in a place where we can and do take the warmest care of one another. Please help if you’re able.

In warmth and gratitude.

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