January 25, 2021

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Dan Rye appointed to the RDCK Board of Directors

Effective January 18, 2021, the City of Castlegar appointed Councillor Dan Rye as the RDCK Board Director and Councillor Sue Heaton-Sherstobitoff as the alternate Board Director for a two-year term ending November 30, 2022. Director Rye replaces Bruno Tassone who served on the Board since November 2018.

Aimee Watson appointed to the Columbia Basin Trust Board of Directors

RDCK Chair Aimee Watson was appointed to the Columbia Basin Trust Board of Directors for a two-year term. The Trust is governed by a 12-member Board of Directors. The five regional districts in the Basin and the Ktunaxa Nation Council each nominate a director, and the Province of BC nominates the remaining six directors.

RDCK to support City of Nelson’s grant application to CleanBC Organics Infrastructure and Collection Program

The RDCK will support the City of Nelson’s application to the CleanBC Organics Infrastructure and Collection Program grant fund. The City of Nelson is piloting its own organics diversion program which will use a FoodCycler, an electric compost system to cut down on food waste.

Operating season for RDCK arenas will not be extended

Like many businesses, RDCK recreation facilities have suffered a significant loss in revenues due to COVID-19 and provincial restrictions put on sport. As a result, the Board approved the 2020-21 operating season for arenas in RDCK facilities not being extended beyond their regular operating season. These include the Castlegar & District Community Complex, the Creston & District Community Complex and the Nelson & District Community Complex.

Earlier this month, the RDCK closed its secondary arenas in Castlegar (Pioneer Arena –  closed January 18, 2021) and Nelson (Civic Centre Arena – closed January 29, 2021). With no minor hockey games, adult recreational hockey or any type of tournaments neither facility had been able to generate enough revenue to cover the cost of operations.

RDCK to submit grant application for Creston & District Community Complex

The Board has directed staff to submit a grant application for the Creston Room Ramp/Dressing Room Roof Project at the Creston & District Community Complex through the Investing In Canada Infrastructure Program – British Columbia – COVID-19 Resilience Infrastructure Stream. If successful, the grant could provide up to $331,000 in funding to invest in the facility.

RDCK to continue Provincial Wood Stove Exchange Program

The Board approves an agreement with the BC Lung Association for the 2021 Provincial Wood Stove Exchange Program grant in the amount of $15,000. Originally started in 2009, the Wood Stove Exchange Program has been a huge success through the years in an effort to combat the effects of smoke on the environment. A rebate is awarded to any owner of an old non-EPA wood stove who upgrade to a new EPA certified stove. In 2020, 25 rebates were granted across the RDCK.

Nelson and Area Economic Development Partnership extended to 2025

The Board approves an extension of the memorandum of understanding for the Nelson and Area Economic Development Partnership between the RDCK, City of Nelson, Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce, and Community Futures Central Kootenay for the period April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2025. The partnership is a mechanism through which the parties can cooperate and collaborate in pursuit of local and community economic development opportunities in and around Nelson, BC.

RDCK re-news fire service agreements with Village of Nakusp and Village of Salmo

The Board approves the RDCK re-new its agreement with the Village of Nakusp and the Village of Salmo to provide fire protection services to a defined portion of Area K (rural Nakusp) and Area G (rural Salmo) for the period from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2025. The new fire service agreements and the corresponding regulatory bylaws together clarify the local fire services regimes and better manage risks on behalf of the public.

RDCK Quarterly Report

Every quarter the RDCK updates the status of all projects and initiatives the organization is working on. Click here to view the 2020 Q4 Quarterly Report.


AREA B                                                                                                         

Creston Valley Shrine Club – Popcorn Project: $1,000

AREA F                                                                                                         

Nelson NatureKids – Outdoor Education Activities: $1,000

AREA G                                                                                                        

Salmo Valley Estates – Computer Replacement: $3,500

AREA J                                                                                                          

Stanley Humphries Secondary – Scholarship Bursary Program: $3,000


AREA D                                                                                                        

Empire Wilderness Society – Blue Ridge Parking: $2,500

AREA E                                                                                                         

Balfour District Historic – Storage Costs: $2,000

Balfour Recreation Commission – Revitalization Grant: $1,000

AREA F                                                                                                         

Heddle Bench Society – Automatic Defibrillator: $1,300

AREA H                                                                                                        

RDCK Service 231 – Campbell Field Development: $5,000

AREA KASLO                                                                                                              

Village of Kaslo – Community Events: $2,000

Royal Canadian Legion #74 – Hall Upgrades Project: $5,000

AREA SLOCAN                                                                                                           

Village of Slocan – Skate Park Expansion: $2,800

Village of Slocan – Skate Park Revitalization: $2,000

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