David and Andrea Betke live in Kootenay Bay as much of the year as they can and have decades long ties to the East Shore community.

June 3, 2020, Edmonton– “I never thought it would get this much attention,” says David Betke from Do Better Marketing in Edmonton. “I just finished version 1.0, put up a simple website with some SEO, and we have already had six demos throughout Asia and North America. A US marketing magazine is featuring us in their June publication. We haven’t even officially launched”

David is talking about GreenShows™, the virtual trade show platform he created while self-isolating in March and April. His promotional marketing business that relied on events was suffering, and he saw a need to help out his industry.

“With event cancellations happening globally, we had to do something to try to keep people in our industry working. There are so many small businesses that rely on events for their livelihoods “, says Betke.

GreenShows™ includes many ways to give back. Some organizers will opt-in to the Pay What You Can option to help reduce the cost of a v-booth for struggling business owners. Others who are doing ok can pay it forward and cover the cost of someone else’s booth.

The giving doesn’t end there. In addition to the typical swag bag, exhibitors can either plant a tree for a lead or give away prizes that support local businesses. “We buy gift cards from local businesses for prizes, or put a cash value on a prize and donate that amount to a local charity in the winner’s name,” says Betke.

When asked about the benefits of a virtual trade show or job fair, Betke answers, “It’s a win for organizers and associations struggling to keep their events alive. The platform offers multiple revenue streams for organizers. We deal with all the exhibitors so the organizers can focus on promoting the event and recruiting sponsors”. 

“Exhibitors can expect enormous savings by eliminating travel and accommodation costs, the cost of printing thousands of brochures, as well as the considerable costs of shipping their booths and contents. They also walk away with better data than at a typical physical event so their sales teams can hit the ground running when the event wraps up”.

You can find out more at greenshows.ca

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