JUNE 3, 2024

Nelson, BC

Local activists pushing for better public transit: 

“We need a bus” Day!!

West Kootenay Transit Action will be highlighting the need for a big boost in bus public transit services at a roadside rally on Friday, June 7th.

At our “I need a bus to….” rally, activists, mainly seniors, will be holding signs alongside the Highway just south of the intersection at the lights with Baker Street.  It will be a great chance for each person to show and talk about their particular needs for public transit.

The news from our rally will be sent on to local and provincial political representatives to make sure they are aware of the public demand for greatly increased public transit in ‘the rest of BC.”

“So many people are hurt by the high cost of private transportation and for those who don’t drive, the unavailability of good, affordable alternatives,” says Keith Wiley from West Kootenay Transit Action, a local citizens group that is highlighting the need for better services.

More buses, more routes and more convenience are desperately needed all over ‘the rest of BC.’

“Lower mainland communities have world-class transit services, but across BC services are limited,” Wiley points out. “Grandmas can’t visit grandchildren. People can’t get to essential health services and appointments without high costs, VERY long trips and often the help of family or volunteers. Many more buses and routes is the quickest, least costly way to help people get around.”

The rally will start at about 11 am and run until about 12:30, on Friday, June 7th. West Kootenay Transit Action is inviting folks to meet at 10:30 am Friday June 7 in the Railtown parking lot at the bottom of Baker St.  We’ll make customized “I need a bus to…” signs right there and wave them along side the road.

For more information: Keith Wiley 250 777-2020

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