July 27 – 31, 2015      MEDLEY ARTS CAMP      CRAWFORD BAY, BC

Medley Arts Camp 091MEDLEY ARTS CAMP is an opportunity for families from near and far to join in five days of fun and learning, among the mountains and near the lake. There is lots to do for family members who might prefer to golf, hike, bike, shop, kayak, or simply sit on the beach and enjoy.

There is something for everyone at Medley. Courses are 1 1/4 hours per day for four or five days. Prices per course range from $40 to $60.  You may sign up for just one course, or up to four courses. A full program of four courses per day (9:15 AM to 3:45 PM) will cost between $160 and $240 for the week, depending upon which courses are chosen.  Lunch is available at a reasonable additional cost.

Courses are offered in various age ranges, so that all the family can participate.

camp NeptuneAnd for ages 3-6, there issupervised play and Kindermusik


Please explore this website for schedule, registration, fees, course details and more.

More questions? email medleyartscamp@bluebell.ca

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