Dan RudeCrawford Bay Elementary/Secondary School Principal Dan Rude announced today that he will be taking a new position as of March 30, 2015. He has accepted a transfer to Kaslo to become the new Principal for the family of schools in the Kaslo area, including JV Humphries and Jewett.

The letter that went out January 27 is re-printed below:


Dear Crawford Bay School community;

 Since I became principal of our school almost six years ago, the question of how long I’ll be here in this role has come to me many times from various people.  I’ve never had a great answer to this, mostly because I’ve personally been more focused on us all continually growing and learning together than in having a set plan. This has, however, been something that my wife, Dana, and I have talked about many times in private, as it’s been clear to me from early on that principal role in any particular place is not meant to be forever.  In fact, across systems, five years is considered to be the general rule for the effective life of the principal in one place.

In my time here, I’ve had the great fortune of travelling to various places and exploring many different ways that systems are being organized to meet the learning needs of people in their particular contexts.   I think this has served our school community very well.  I have seen us develop a fresh confidence in how we are able to create learning opportunities for our children and youth that, in some ways, look very different than what I/we grew up with, but that are engaging, forward-thinking, and connect with the many incredible changes and connections that are happening across the globe today.  These travels and explorations have also affected me personally, in wanting to discover how the ideas that we’ve worked with here apply to other places and contexts – and how I would need to adapt to be principal in another context.  

Although it’s been a difficult decision, I need you to know that I have accepted a job transfer within our school district to become the principal of the Kaslo Family of Schools, which includes J.V. Humphries K-12 school in Kaslo and Jewett K-5 school in Meadow Creek.  I will be officially starting this role on March 30, after this year’s spring break, and I will also be part of supporting the transition for who is to become the new principal of Crawford Bay.  Although the timing seems awkward, the next couple months actually gives more time for a transition than a great many situations I’ve seen across many districts over the past few years.

It’s important for you to be considering what qualities you’d like to see in the next principal here.  Over the past few years we have made some very important shifts together, including focusing on learning rather than enrollment, and in seeing opportunities in the face of significant challenges and uncertainty.  I expect that you’ll want to continue to build on these shifts.  I also expect that there are some things that, during my time as principal, have not worked for all, and that you may like to make more progress on.  Our district senior leaders will be involved with students, parents, and staff over the next short while in consulting with you about your thinking for what – and who – are next.

I really value the commitment that has come from so many people across our community in my time here – and the strength and creativity that this community demonstrates regularly.  I’m proud and honoured to be a part of this important work.


Dan Rude

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  1. I am still in shock!

    I am so happy that my kids were able to be your students. I hope you realize the impact you have made not only to the students but to the parents and community of Crawford Bay.

    I wish you all the best in your new position! I know you will make a positive impact on many more students in your new schools.

    You will be missed!

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