Record amounts of precipitation and freshet inflow have raised dams and reservoirs on the Columbia-Kootenay river system close to maximum

Downstream outflows and the natural restriction of Grohman Narrows at the west end of Kootenay Lake have raised the lake to its highest level in 40 years.

Kootenay Lake could rise higher. Latest forecasts suggest it might reach 1754.4 feet dependent on weather and inflow.

The Regional District of Central Kootenay is working with the province to provide resources – sand and sandbags – to residents whose home or property is threatened.

Two staging areas have been set up at the Balfour Fire Hall and the North Shore Fire Hall. Filled bags are available at Balfour Fire Hall only. Unfilled sandbags and sand are available at the North Shore Hall and other area fire halls

Residents who are unable to pick up or place sandbags because of age or health issues can receive assistance from crews working at the staging areas.

All Kootenay Lake residents who intend to access sandbags – and those who cannot pick up or place sandbags by themselves – are asked to call this number prior to doing so (250) 352-8174

This allows staff to track numbers and locations, and prioritize assistance for those unable to pick up or place bags themselves

Residents should know that sandbags are intended to protect threatened homes and critical structures only. Lawns, gardens and non-essential structures should not be sandbagged due to a finite supply


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