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On the heels of getting our first Columbia Basin Trust grant for youth engagement in March 2012, the East Shore Youth Council is excited to announce that we are seeking an exuberant, committed and creative person or team to help East Shore youth realize the creative ideas that emerged from the 2012 community consultations.

Obviously we are looking for a person/team that relates easily with youth and wants to help them translate their ideas into action. At the same time, this is a start-up initiative and we know it will take some dedication, creativity and hard work to mold this program into a sustainable offering for years to come.


On February 20, Columbia Basin Trust approved the disbursement of $25,000 per year for four years for our area youth and their interests. Approximately 45 youth, parents, school staff and community members gathered with CBT representatives Wayne Lundeberg and Michelle D’Entremont at the Crawford Bay School and came to an efficient consensus as to how the funds might best be used. It was decided the $100,000 would be spent responding to three specific community youth needs:  transportation, youth program coordination/youth leadership, and youth hangout space. The initial plan was to allocate funds towards a youth coordinator position, set up a youth council for the community, develop a community-based program that addresses youth transportation needs, and bring life into a youth recreation location.



The successful contractor(s) will report to/collaborate with the Youth Council (a volunteer group of approximately 7-9 people, including youth).

The Youth Council, Community Connections, and other volunteers will be able to support some of the administrative duties, all to be determined as we move forward in establishing a plan.

The Low Down:

  • Engage, spark, motivate and model what is possible;
  • Facilitate, guide and inspire youth and parents to take leadership in organizing events;
  • Carry out participative research on what has and hasn’t worked in the past in engaging East Shore youth;
  • Create a safe space for youth to interact within;
  • Work with the council and youth to actively engage in building community partnerships with other services, businesses and volunteers.
  • Work with the council to create a robust plan to engage and inspire youth;
  • Responsibilities will also include some administrative, risk management, and operational duties, and may include fundraising.


  • Outstanding facilitation skills;
  • A flare for bringing many voices to the table;
  • Good listening skills;
  • Flexible and open-minded;
  • Responsible and fun all at once;
  • An innate belief in participative collaboration and research;
  • Proven success in interacting with youth in a positive & energetic manner.

Technical Essentials:

  • A valid BC driver’s license and a personal vehicle;
  • Access to telephone and internet;
  • Current criminal record check;
  • Technology and social networking skills;
  • Level 1 first aid or the ability to attain;
  • A working knowledge of any office suite software.


This contract is split into 3 distinct deliverables.  The successful person/team will demonstrate capacity in each of the 3 areas and make suggestions as to how quality results will be achieved for each aspect of the project.

1.  Youth programming and coordination

Objective:  To create youth activities and workshops that run throughout the year.  This programming would promote diversity that develops healthy life choices, employability and leadership skills, while offering the East Shore youth entertaining and rewarding experiences.

Output: The development, implementation, evaluation and supervision of at least 1 monthly youth-directed event.  The programming will range from recreational, cultural, social, and educational.  A requirement is that youth be the drivers for the programming ideas.  The coordinator’s role is to help youth organize and implement their ideas.


2.  Youth Hangout

Objective: Establishing a safe and fun place for youth to hangout was a priority identified in the February 2012 community priority-setting session.  At this point, it needs to be confirmed if this is still a priority, and if so, proceed.  The successful candidate will use participative processes to research what has and hasn’t worked and what currently exists for hangout spaces.

Output:  This component has two potential outputs:

  1. A clear recommendation of whether to proceed with a youth hangout.
  2. Should the East Shore Youth Council proceed with a youth hangout: a report that results from a participative feasibility study and design process.  The report would outline solid plans for the creation of a youth hangout space that is designed to meet the diversity and needs of East Shore youth, including:
  • Description of the youth hangout;
  • Proposed location for the hangout;
  • Proposed supervision model;
  • Needed equipment and other resources;
  • List of committed community people ready to help and take part;
  • Itemized budget;
  • Implementation timeline;
  • Next steps.

3.  Transportation Solution

Objective: Bridging the isolation gap for youth on the East Shore was a priority identified in the February 2012 community priority-setting session.  The idea is to create reliable and sustainable youth transportation solutions that will bridge the isolation gaps between geographic locations – bringing youth together while inviting youth to visit from other places.

The successful candidate will propose a method for kickstarting this project using participative processes that engage the community to collaboratively design something that will meet the above objective.

Output:  A report that results from a participative feasibility study and design process that establishes solid plans for the creation of a transportation solution for East Shore Youth.

The report must include:

  • Description of the proposed East Shore Youth transportation solution;
  • Proposed model;
  • Needed equipment and other resources;
  • List of committed community people ready to help and take part;
  • Itemized budget;
  • Implementation timeline.

BUDGET: The East Shore Youth Council is proposing a project-based fee of $7500.00 for this contract.

Costs related to hosting monthly youth activities are not part of this budget.  Projected costs for each activity must be presented to the East Shore Youth Council.

Any subcontracting needs to be pre-approved by the East Shore Youth Council.


One youth directed event is to be held each month of this contract, for which timing can be discussed / proposed by the contractor.

All outputs and deliverables are expected no later than May 1, 2013.  This is a results oriented contract, meaning the rest of the timeline is flexible, other than the required monthly youth events.


The submitted proposal must include the following:

  1. Cover letter, including why this contract is a good fit for you and what excites you about the project;
  2. Your experience and capacity for reaching the desired results of this contract;
  3. Description of the approach you propose to take in order to reach the desired results of this contract;
  4. Projected timeline for meeting each of the specific objectives.
  5. Recent resume.


Proposals must be received in digital format by 2:00 pm, Friday, December 14 to:

Any questions should be directed to Daniel Seguin at:


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