You are invited to participate in our April Virtual Focus on Health Workshop.  Please take a look at the following poster/notice and send it on to any others who might be interested.  On Monday morning, we will be delivering soup from our kitchen, so please sign up (by email or phone) for a quart of Barb Basaraba’s favorite recipe!  On Monday afternoon, we will send you an email with a message on the health benefits of helping others – such an important topic right now, and an excellent follow-up to the March workshop provided by our Selkirk College students. 

In preparation for Monday, please send your ONE BEST STRATEGY for coping during the COVID-19 restrictions to me at, and I will summarize and circulate these to our email list on Monday along with Natasha’s message.  You might also consider sending the ONE BIGGEST CHALLENGE you have faced during the past month. We are looking forward to hearing from you and to meeting virtually next Monday for our April Focus on Health Virtual Workshop. 

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