The Government of Canada and the CRTC decided in August of 2011 that over-the-air television transmission switch from analogue to digital in many parts of Canada.

Note: If you are one of the 95% of Canadians who subscribe to cable or satellite to watch TV, the switch to digital over-the-air transmission does not affect you. However, many East Shore residents fall into that 5% group who continue to use rabbit ears or an outdoor antenna and as of July 31, 2012, their TV transmission has been decommissioned.

If you are suddenly no longer able to view your existing programming, you need either a digital converter box or a television with a built-in digital tuner in order to continue watching over-the-air television. Alternatively you may want to consider receiving your TV services from a cable, satellite or other service provider.

Ron Smythe (Kootenay Bay) recently wrote the CBC about the loss of analog TV service on July 31. They wrote Mr. Smythe back and he found the response to be quite helpful. He sent it on to Mainstreet in order to assist other East Shore residents who have been getting by with older analogue televisions, one or two channels and rabbit ears.

The following is their response: 

Dear Ron,

Please review this link to find out if your area may be covered by a digital signal.

However, please understand that this signal does not have as far or wide reach as analogue, and many things including geography, forestry and water proximity affect clear reception.

In situations where you do not have cable or satellite service available, CBC TV is working with Shaw Direct to provide access to viewers, in the near future.  Please call 1-888-782-7602 to find out if the FREE Local Television Satellite Solution (LTSS) program is in your area.

In addition, please note that with Internet, you have access to CBC TV and Radio options on our website: where videos, podcasts and online reports are available in all time zones.

We do appreciate that you choose CBC TV and hope that you will continue to do so.

Maza Molar,

Communications Officer

Mainstreet has learned that this FREE local television satellite solution is, in fact, available in our region. Residents have had to upgrade their aging televisions, but some are now getting several free Canadian channels with this partnership through CBC TV and Shaw Direct.



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  1. I’ve got a newer TV, but I still can’t get anything with rabbit ears. I think, if you look at the link provided by the CBC, the digital signals are only in urban areas and not here.

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