March 26, 2018 – Brian Moffat of Riondel, BC presents this overview for perusal regarding issues around the Kootenay Lake Ferry and terminal. The perspective and research follows below, along with contact info for writing your own letters of concern or feedback.

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  1. In this case the SNC Lavalin study was extremely flawed, and the criteria for superiority for a Queens Bay location was severely restricted. Things not considered in the study included economic, environmental and social issues effected by a move.

    • the proposed new site is at the bottom of a mud slide and millions and millions more dollars would be required to secure the mountainside
    • the proposed site is where several thousand residents intake their potable drinking water, and relocation of the water intake would again costs millions of dollars.
    • There was no back up plan for when the ferry went down.
    • With hourly sailings they did not budget for longer hours. Thus there would be only 11 hours of service in the winter. 6 plus hours of service would be lost for almost 10 months of the year.
    • environmentally the site is home to an endangered lizard species
    • it is one of the few shallow bays for fish habitat on Kootenay Lake
    • Indigenous people’s concerns were not addressed.
    • Economic impact was not addressed
    • Community Value interests were not addressed.

    When one so severely limits their evaluation criteria, one can make any project look “unequivocally” more desirable.

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Community Support Needed

Sweet community,
On the evening of January 24 and again on the morning of January 26, our lovely Mandy Petrie was broadsided by strokes. She was taken to hospital by ambulance, first to Creston, then Cranbrook, and then airlifted to the ICU in Kelowna. She will be in the hospital until at least February 7, for more testing.
She needs our help and support at this time, to see her through her recovery, help pay her bills, and keep her and her boy Benji afloat while she is unable to work. Mandy is one of our community creatives, a photographer, and a dear friend and inspiration to many of us.
You will have seen her working at Crawford Bay store, participating in some of the Hexagon player theatre productions, or walking the wetlands taking her beautiful photos of crows for the calendars she produces.
Complicating things is a move at the end of March from her present residence.
If you feel you can help Mandy and her boy in any way, she would be so grateful.

If you don’t do the credit card thing, etransfers can be sent directly to pixiepetrie at yahoo dot ca. If you feel you can assist in any way with the move, you can contact me at michellamoss at gmail dot com.

This community is a thing of wonder. We all appreciate how much we are there for each other. Thank you for caring.