Notice of Logging Truck Traffic Through Riondel

Liam Patience from Cooper Creek Logging contacted the Riondel Commission of Management office to give us a heads-up regarding the logging activity that will be happening over the summer. Here are some pertinent details:

-They will be travelling through Riondel, and up Portman Creek FSR to access the logging site.

-Most of the low bedding heavy equipment is already on site, with logging activity set to commence June 21 2024. Ideally, they’ll be wrapping up before fire season (August) or by September at the latest.

-There are a total of four blocks to clear with trucks running on business days only.

-He has communicated to the drivers that they are to drive slowly and with caution through the community of Riondel. They are aware that the Garland Day Recreation Site and Loki

Trailhead are accessible from the same road, with traffic to/from those sites being an additional consideration for drivers.

-We discussed the school bus operating in the mornings (approx. 7:30- 8:00 a.m.) and afternoons (approx. 3:00-3:30 p.m.) until June 26th.

-Anyone with any concerns can contact the Commission office or Liam Patience directly at 250-353-8426

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